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Ozone (03) is a strong oxidizing agent that is routinely used as a disinfectant in water treatment for bacteria, viral infections, and al­gae. Brine shrimp are used in many aquaculture environments as fish food. Typically the brine shrimp eggs are hatched on site and fed to the fish stock after maturation. Brine shrimp are capable of transporting microbes into the fish stock. In order to eliminate the detrimental effects of infections from this process we ran a series of mortality tests by applying ozone to the brine shrimp. The time du­rations of ozone ranged from 5 min to 24 hours. A second set of experiments expose the brine shrimp directly with ozone over their life cycle (2 months). Our results demonstrate that ozone can be applied directly to the brine shrimp increasing their survivability.

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