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In this paper MATLAB is used in a demonstration of the central limit theorem (CLT). MATLAB is a powerful computer program used in educa­tion and industry. MATLAB allows us to increase the sample size and not sacrifice speed of computation while demonstrating the basic concept of the CLT as it applies to probability and statistics. We will give its history as well as a clear understanding of its power. In addition to reproducing previous work[l], we will provide the MATLAB code used to perform further dem­onstrations. Our program will select 30 integers between one and six, as in Lazari et. al. It will then compute each individual mean (L1) and store it in a list (L5) while repeating itself n times, where n is the total number of en­sembles. Upon completion, distribution plots are obtained for then means as well as a combined histogram for each individual (L5). For a very large n, the program does indeed demonstrate that the distribution of the sample means is really normal as in Lazari et al.

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