Georgia Journal of Science


This study consisted of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to evaluate an Environmental Health Partnership (EHP) workshop for high school science teachers. A pretest was given prior to the start of the workshop and a posttest was administered at the end. Teach­ers were asked to respond to questions on a written evaluation form in accordance to the goals of the workshop as a qualitative method of program evaluation. The study sample consisted of 18 teachers from Florida. There were 12 females and six males. All 18 teachers showed increases in their knowledge of superfund and environmen­tal health issues. A majority of the teachers (a total of 13) were impressed with the program, had positive comments, and felt that the goals of the workshop were met. Only five teachers had sugges­tions for program improvement and felt that the goals of the work­shop were not completely met. Overall, the 2003 Environmental Health Partnership workshop was successful.