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This nation's crop genetic resources are currently conserved in a se­ries of genebanks and clonal repositories that are part of the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS). The largest and most complex assemblage of crop germplasm is held at the NPGS genebank in Griffin, Georgia. Curators, who are also technical experts, manage the collections of individual taxa and are responsible for the regeneration, characterization, acquisition, and distribution of those plant materials. The nature of the duties associated with the management of these germplasm collections, specifically their routine regeneration, results in professional challenges for those technical experts engaged in that and similarly nontechnical activities. Various approaches to address this issue including the allocation of resources specifically earmarked for career-enhancing activities of technical professionals, and the clear separation of funding allocated for basic germplasm maintenance activities vs. other activities, are discussed. Also discussed are various means to increase the efficiency of the regeneration process.

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