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Escherichia coli and enterococci were enumerated in water collected biweekly for one year at ten stations in the Alapahoochee River system. The concentrations of E.coli were usually below a standard of 576 colony forming units (cfu) per 100 ml, except after heavy rain. At five stations the concentrations of enterococci were gener­ally above a standard of 151 cfu/100 ml. Concentrations of both groups showed a direct but weak correlation with pH. For quality control, 772 colonies typical of E. coli and 773 colonies typical of enterococcus were tested by the appropriate verification procedures. Sixty-six (8.5%) of the former, and 57 (7.4%) of the latter, appeared to be false positives. Further study of 51 apparent false positive E. coli isolates showed that only 15.7% did not contain E.coli, indicating an actual false positive rate of about 1.3%. Further study of 18 false positive enterococcus isolates showed that 16.7% were Enterococ­cus species and 83.3% were Streptococcus species. Thus the actual false positive rate was estimated to be 6.2 %.

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