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Georgia is home to an abundance of reptile and amphibian species. There are very few laws protecting the two taxa from competition and predation by exotic species, habitat loss and fragmentation, un­regulated harvest, and collection for the food and pet trades. Limited life and natural history information is another reason for species declines. The existing laws protecting herpetofauna in the state of Georgia are not enforced and are open to broad interpretation. Special interest groups such as Partners for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) and others lobby for laws to protect native reptiles and amphibians from leading factors of decline, but more funding must be allocated towards conservation of herpetofauna. Educational programs must be developed and utilized to teach the public about reptile and amphibian declines and conservation. Habi­tat accrual and proper management are important for preservation of native herpetofauna. Research on laws and recommendations is essential for conservation and protection.

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