The economic crisis facing our nation forced many companies and universities to downsize and learn to operate with smaller budgets. Valdosta State University (VSU) was not immune to this economic crisis. To deal with this crisis VSU started offering large sections of core area courses, including College Algebra (MATH 1111). It is clear from a financial point of view that large sections will benefit the university during this financial crisis. What was not clear was the impact to student learning and success in College Algebra. In the fall 2010 and fall 2011 terms, VSU offered the first large sections of Math 1111 with 150 and 175 students, respectively. The course retention rate and the students’ performance on the departmental final exam for the treatment group, Large Section (LS), versus the control group, Traditional Section (TS) of 35 students, were compared. The LS had a statistically significant higher retention rate and departmental final exam average.

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