Georgia Journal of Science


Tardigrada (water bears) is a phylum of microscopic animals commonly found in mosses, lichens, leaf litter, and freshwater. There are no published records of marine tardigrades from Georgia. Twelve species have been reported from four counties in the state of Georgia, USA. Eighteen species of water bear were present in lichen, moss, and leaf litter samples from eight additional counties in northern and central Georgia. Ten species – Pseudechiniscus suillus, Milnesium bohleberi, Hypsibius convergens, Astatumen trinacriae, Macrobiotus anemone, Macrobiotus cf. echinogenitus, Macrobiotus cf. islandicus, Macrobiotus spectabilis, Paramacrobiotus cf. areolatus, and Paramacrobiotus tonollii – are new to the fauna of Georgia.


Sharon Phillips and Kathleen, Daniel, and Shiloh-Rose Jones helped with logistics and sample collection.