Georgia Journal of Science


The state of Georgia has many bodies of water that provide important wildlife habitats as well as recreational opportunities. The objective of the current study was to investigate water quality and fecal coliform levels in oxbow lakes relative to their connectivity to the Savannah River. For most water quality parameters, no differences were observed between the Savannah River and the oxbow lakes. However, pH and turbidity values were lower in the oxbow lakes (both connected and disconnected) relative to the Savannah River. Fecal coliform values between connected oxbow lakes and the Savannah River were similar to each other and significantly higher than those of the disconnected oxbow lake. The results suggest that fecal coliform levels of oxbow lakes along the Savannah River are influenced by their connectivity to the river. Furthermore, these results indicate a potential health risk for human contact with water located in connected oxbow lakes and the Savannah River.


This research was sponsored by The Citadel Biology Department. Also, this research was permitted through Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources – Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area Division.

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