Georgia Journal of Science

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The goal of Altamaha Riverkeeper is to monitor and protect the ecosystem along the Altamaha River and its tributaries. The Altamaha River is the largest river basin in Georgia, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The drainage basin of the Altamaha River is approximately 14,000 square miles. The Ohoopee River is a 114 mile tributary, and a 303d designated stream due to effluent overload from industry located along the river. We monitored three sites on the Ohoopee River located in Reidsville, Georgia. These sites were chosen because they are located above and below one of the wastewater treatment plants allowing for the monitoring of potential release of toxic chemicals from the plant. We measured pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and temperature (air and water) at these three locations. All these tests indicate that all parameters are within standard levels of water quality and no pollutant was present. The water quality should sustain life in this river. This monitoring will continue over several years to create a baseline data of water quality in order to identify potential hazardous events that may occur in the future, and intervene to stop and clear the contamination from the water.

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