The diatom Stauroneis schinzii (Brun) Cleve var. schinzii has an underreported record of its autecology, distribution, and natural history. While the species is found in Africa and South America, it is rare in North America and very few specimens have been collected and cataloged. As part of a landscape evolution study, we cored the sediments of an oxbow lake in the coastal plain of Alabama, USA, for diatom analysis. Among 40,608 individual diatoms sampled, we counted a single valve of S. s. var. schinzii, georeferenced its location, and recorded a micrograph. Based on the carbon dating of the sediment core, we conclude the diatom was not anthropogenically introduced from another continent.


Kristopher Maedke-Russell was an undergraduate research student at Georgia Southern University-Armstrong Campus and is currently a graduate student in the Marine Sciences program at Savannah State University.