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It is incredibly beneficial for the human body to have Cerium nanoparticles when they coexist in multivalence, namely Ce+3 (Ce2O3) and Ce+4 (CeO2) ions. Benefits include acting as an antioxidant in the human body, having regenerative properties due to the coexistence of both variations of cerium ions, and effectiveness against pathologies associated with chronic oxidative inflammation and stress. In this study, we are creating a biologically compatible glass as a carrier of the cerium oxide nanoparticles. The glass composition is melted with CeO2(IV) resulting a solid-state reaction to yield Ce+3 and Ce+4 ions. The experiment was started with the bioactive glass consisting of varying amounts of CeO2 and under different melting conditions to achieve different Ce+3/Ce+4 ratios. This soluble glass series is now embedded with varying quantities of Ce+3 and Ce+4 ions. These bioactive glasses were then dissolved in DI water, and the resulting solution was studied under the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). High-resolution FEI Tecnai 30 TEM was used to study the multivalence CeO2 and Ce2O3 nanoparticles with different release times. These TEM images then were analyzed for particle size and atomic distances. These measurements were carried out using a software program called ImageJ which allows us to set the scale by creating a conversation between pixels and nanometers. The measurements indicated that the nanoparticles range from 2-5 nanometers while also suggesting that the size did not change with the released time. These atomic distances were averaged to 0.330 nm with outliers yielding up to .450 nm and .270 nm. These outliers indicate Ce3+ while the 0.330 nm indicated Ce4+. TEM measurements are in good agreement with the known atomic distances of CeO2 and Ce2O3 structures. Thus, according to our data, these multivalence nanoparticles coexist in our glass and further when released has been shown to stimulate cell growth.

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