Two 24 h BioBlitzes were conducted in September, 2018, and April, 2019, at Grassy Pond Recreational Area in Lowndes County, Georgia. Teams of scientists, students, and public participants surveyed plants, insects, amphibians and reptiles, birds, mammals, fungi, lichens, and aquatic microorganisms. Both events included educational programs with informational walks and activities targeted to youth. In the fall, 654 species and 55 additional genera were recorded. In the spring, there were 581 species and 54 additional genera recorded. Two fungi and 38 lichens were first reports for Lowndes County; one fungus was a first for Georgia. One lichen may be a first for North America. One snake and 5 bat species were notably first reports for Grassy Pond Recreational Area.


We would like to thank the following scientists, naturalists, and educational specialists who contributed their time and expertise: Richard Carter, Heather Brasell, Jenifer Turco, Sean Beeching, Laurel Kaminsky, Matt Smith, Arleen Bessette, Alan Bessette, Roseanne Healy, Sharon Mozley-Standridge, Pamela Smith, Marvin Smith, Robert Emond, Kristi Avera, Debbie Grimes, Ashley Kirkly, Charles Wright, Marc Minno, Giff Beaton, Teresa Doscher, Cristina Calestani, Marilyn Bechler, Colleen McDonough, Ted Uyeno, Mitch Lockhardt, Libba Wilcox, Julie Bowland, Don Thieme, Tim Fort, Eric Chambers, Jim Loughry, Leslie Jones, and Jonghoon Kang. We also thank the staff at Grassy Pond Recreational Area, student volunteers from Valdosta State University, and the 157 and 306 participants at the fall and spring events, respectively. Financial support was provided by the Valdosta State University Department of Biology, College of Science and Mathematics, and University Advancement Office. The introduction was composed by Emily Cantonwine and Gregory Lee, the amphibian and reptile section by David Bechler, the bird and mammals sections by Brad Bergstrom, the insects and other arthropods section by Mark Blackmore, Christopher Slaton, and James Adams, the plants section by Brandi Griffin, the fungi section by Arthur Grupe and Emily Cantonwine, the lichens section by Malcolm Hodges, and the aquatic microorganisms section by James Nienow. Timothy Henkel set up and managed species reporting on iNaturalist. Emily Cantonwine, BioBlitz organizer, is corresponding author.

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