Georgia Journal of Science


Descriptions of fossils of Eocene terrestrial mammals from the southeastern United States are rare, and particularly so in the Eocene sediments of Georgia. Here we describe a small collection of fossilized teeth and tooth fragments representing four mammalian taxa. The fossils were recovered by surface collecting overburden sediments and screen washing in situ Clinchfield Formation sediments exposed in an inactive kaolin mine, Hardie Mine, in Wilkinson County, Georgia. The Clinchfield Formation has been described as a Late Eocene coastal unit with abundant gastropods, bivalves, sharks, and rays. This is the first detailed description of terrestrial mammals from this unit. Although limited in diversity, this collection represents the most diverse Eocene-aged mammalian fauna described for the state.


We are indebted to all the Georgia College students who participated in collecting trips at Hardie Mine. A special thanks to Heidi Mead for her assistance with photography. This manuscript benefited from critical reviews by Heidi Mead and two anonymous reviewers.