Georgia Journal of Science

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Design and Analysis of a Hydraulic Valve


This study focuses on the design process and analysis of a hydraulic valve used to direct flow of fluids with a low viscosity. Using Autodesk Inventor, a valve was designed to regulate the flow of fluids such as gasses or liquids with the use of mechanical levers and springs. While designing this valve, constraints and regulations were provided, along with the purpose of the machine, in order to ensure that the problem was being solved using a mechanical valve and not a different type of machine or tool. Constraints included size, material cost, and the project must have had the ability to direct and block the flow of fluids. A stress analysis and parametric analysis will be used on the valve. The stress analysis is to see where stress will be applied to the valve and how well the materials that were chosen preform. The parametric analysis will show how the valve reacts to different tasks and conditions, such as, different fluid types, temperatures, and pressures.


VSU Dept. of Physics and Engineering.

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