Georgia Journal of Science

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Design and Implementation of RF/Microwave Circuits at a Low Cost


In recent decades due to rapid advancement of modern wireless communication systems the electromagnetic spectrum is becoming highly congested. RF/Microwave circuits are an essential part of a wide range of wireless communications and satellite communication systems. Compact and easy to implement microwave circuits, particularly filters with high accuracy, have a huge demand in modern wireless communication systems. In most cases the design specification demands high accuracy, compactness and low cost. Microstrip structure based circuits can meet all the aforementioned criteria. In this talk, I will discuss about an easy and effective way of developing a variety of microwave circuits using commonly available low-cost materials. Such low-cost research techniques can be a great experiential learning tool for the current and the future students by introducing them to the central concepts and techniques of microwave measurement. I will also present about how to supplement the experimental aspect of the electromagnetism and electronics coursework for the undergraduate students by introducing them to computational electromagnetics.

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