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Modern age students need knowledge in a different format, in terms of imagination, visualization, practice, mastery and preferably on mobile electronic devices. A big obstacle for student success in higher education is high tuition cost as well as skyrocketing textbook price. The objective of this project is to prepare an open source free educational resource (OER) for the non-science major students who are taking college level Survey of Chemistry I Course. The goal is to prepare a supplementary course material with all needed benefits of the regular textbook to assist students in reading and understanding the material to succeed in this course. The ebook includes several simulation based learning activities tied to interactive questions and quizzes, videos. High level of visual content of the concept is emphasized in concept building. All the visual images and simulations used are taken from free available OERs. PHET simulation, Molecular Workbench, Chemistry Solutions, Merlot, Chem Collective etc. are some of simulation and video sites used in this ebook. This project has been funded by Affordable Learning Georgia, Textbook Transformation Grant, round 12. Content development of the ebook was completed by Spring 2019 and implemented in classroom in Fall 2019. Total five different sections across the campus used the ebook and positive students feedback were obtained. A separate website was created for teaching using the ebook https://chemistrylearningbydoing.org. Students registered on the website and enrolled in particular instructor’s batch. More than 150 students used the website as textbook. Students overall performance was recorded and compared with previous term. Students quiz and test performance increased by more than 14% and 21% for some classes. Comparison of final exam grade is yet to be determined at this moment. This ebook will be available for free for public use under Georgia Public Library System.


ALG, Perimetter College

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