Georgia Journal of Science

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Iron Meteorite Analysis and Comparison to Known Odessa Meteorites


An octahedrite meteorite is compared with others described from the same origin locality of Odessa, Texas, U.S.A. Originally purchased from Harold R. Povenmire, the meteorite has a total weight of 406.37 grams, and exhibits characteristic meteorite features such as regmaglypts, high density and nickel content, and being extremely magnetic. The meteorite was cut with a rock saw after initial measurements and photographs were taken, to detach a section weighing 20.79 grams. The removed portion has been used to produce a polished thin section slide to be analyzed utilizing reflected light microscopy. Applying data obtained from microscopy as well as the remainder of the specimen, a comparison is made between the confirmed Odessa meteorite varieties and the sample used in this study. Nitric acid (or another suitable reagent) will be used in an attempt to produce and photograph a Widmanstätten pattern found in octahedrite meteorites. The purpose of this study is to confirm or refute the origin of the meteorite as Odessa, Texas, as well as undergo the process of investigating and documenting an iron meteorite’s qualities.

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