Georgia Journal of Science

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Absorption of External Mechanical Vibrations into Buildings by Particulate Dampers.


Absorption of mechanical vibration at audible frequencies are studied with the goal of mitigating the transmission of external vibrations into the building structures. Attenuation of vibration by particulates depend mainly on their mechanical properties of solid particulates and their degree of compactness. It is known that building vibrations can be significantly damped by surrounding the foundation with particulate materials of specific characteristics. This research is to optimize particulate dampers to absorb the large band of vibrations in the audible frequency range. Experimental results show that particulates behave as band-pass filters for mechanical vibrations transmitted through them. Samples of particulate dampers are subjected to vibrations at different frequency and amplitude and vibration attenuation versus frequency are measured. The goal is to determine optimal vibration dampers to mitigate the transmission of external mechanical vibrations into the buildings.


SSU Dept. of Engineering Technology

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