Ironing out the Data: Reacessing Carbon-14 Dating in Southern Iron Age India*


In Southern India the Iron Age is usually dated to about 1500-200 BC using cabon-14 dating. However, since the early advent of C14 dating in the late 1940s, our knowledge of how carbon decays over time had changed thans to advancements in science. Some of thte earlier archaeological dates have the potential to be less useful than others due to older collection practices and processing methods. This paper presents results from a chronometric hygeine process that was applied to the current data. Dates that cannot be verified as scientifically sound have been culled from the data set and the valid data has been updated using the new IntCal20 radiocarbon curve for assessing accurates datese. The work has the potential to change general accepted dates for time periods in southern India and open the flood gates to new discovery and knowlege of the region.

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