Modern age students need knowledge in a different format, preferably on mobile electronic devices. A big obstacle for student success is skyrocketing textbook price. An open source free educational resource (OER) for the non-science major students who are taking college level Survey of Chemistry I & II Courses(CHEM 1151 & CHEM 1152) has been prepared and implemented in classroom in Fall'19 and spring’21. This project has been funded by ALG, TTG round# 12 & 17 in 2018 & 2020 respectively. This eBook features several simulations based learning activities tied to interactive questions and quizzes, videos. Concept is emphasized using PHET simulation, Molecular Workbench, Chemistry Solutions, Merlot, and free video sites. Teaching materials include chapter presentations, voice over narratives and test bank for instructors use. A separate website was created for teaching using the eBook https://chemistrylearningbydoing.org. More than 1000 students are currently the website as textbook. Currently, 14 instructors are using this eBook for their courses as standard textbook across the PC campus. CHEM 1151 eBook was completed by spring 2019 and implemented in classroom in fall 2019. Currently, CHEM 1152 eBook is getting reviewed and expected to be implemented in spring'21. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis have been done with e-text. Students have been tested using nationally standardized ACS exam and positive feedback from the students is obtained through survey questionnaire. Students quiz and test performance increased by more than 14% and 21% for some classes, performance was comparable on ACS exam using the eBook compared to standard textbook. Comparison of final exam for CHEM 1152 course is yet to be determined at this moment. The future goal is to establish this supplementary textbook as standard textbook with all needed benefits of the regular textbook to assist students in reading and understanding the material to succeed in this course.


ALG, Perimetter College

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