Georgia Journal of Science

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Valdosta Smart City Project for Improved Traffic Safety: Data Analysis


The purpose of this study is to describe the results obtained from analyses of survey data and other data corresponding to a collaborative study between Valdosta State University (VSU), Georgia Tech, the City of Valdosta, and two technology development industries (Temple and Applied Information) to develop a new traffic management system in Valdosta that will provide improved safety, connectivity, and efficiency for the community including drivers, pedestrians, bikers and all transportation methods. The goal of the smart city project is to improve traffic management with the city, engage the local community and build a platform for community members to communicate with each other for all modes of travel around the city’s 128 intersection. Students, from the engineering programs at VSU have participated in a survey data to provide their feedback related to the application of the Travelsafely App, and the current traffic conditions in Valdosta. The App is developed by Applied Information and is used for traffic related communication and connects drivers, pedestrians, emergency vehicles, traffic lights and their surrounding environment to one another using mobile devices such as smart phones. Preliminary analyses of the survey data indicate that in general, most VSU engineering students are interested in applying the technology when driving in Valdosta. However, following the COVID-19 guidelines we will determine methods of community engagement to encourage the members of the VSU and Valdosta community to participate in the survey and become more familiar with the software and its benefits when driving in and around the city of Valdosta.


Partially supported by Georgia Tech Smart Community Grant

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