Development of a Connected Vehicle Technology in the City of Valdosta**


A team of researchers from Valdosta State University (VSU) and Georgia Tech (GT) have been working on a smart community project in collaboration with the city of Valdosta and two technology industries (Applied Information and Temple) to develop a connected vehicle smart system in all 128 intersections in the city of Valdosta. This one-year study will allow the City of Valdosta and its communities in the Lowndes county areas to develop a smart and connected traffic monitoring system to improve the movement of all types of vehicles and pedestrians in a safe and efficient manner. Using the funding from Georgia Tech’s Georgia Smart Communities Initiatives we are developing a more sophisticated Traffic Monitoring Center (TMC) and involving VSU engineering students in experiential learning and and undergraduate research to gain valuable training and experience related to smart systems in traffic management. The smart system will incorporate the Travelsafely App to apply preemption for the ten fire trucks, so that they can move easily through the intersections. The App will also provide the capabilities to notify drivers about bicycle riders, pedestrians, and others drivers and motorists in the area. Also notifications will be given to the drivers that are in the school or other speed zones about the changes in traffic lights. Furthermore, if a driver is about to run a red light, the App will give him/her a warning. We have made some progress related to the installation of the hardware in the cabinets of a few traffic lights and expect that it will be completed by the mid-spring in most signalized intersections. This study will describe the advance technology used and the recent results obtained from the smart city project program in Valdosta.

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