Cost-Effective Microwave Absorber With Metal Patches


A microwave absorber is fabricated with a single or multilayer dielectric materials covered by metal plane on one side while other side is exposed to free space to absorb microwave signals. In this research, a microwave absorber was designed with a given single layer absorbing material whose dielectric constant was known. In this design process, dielectric constant was controlled by circular metal patches added periodically on the material to achieve desired impedance matching between absorber and free space. 3D electromagnetic simulation software HFSS was used to determine appropriate size and periodicity of metal patches and to evaluate the performance of the designed absorber. Simulation result showed that circular metal patches could improve impedance matching between air and absorber and could tune the absorption frequency. The authors acknowledge the National Science Foundation (Grant # 2000289) for research support.


National Science Foundation Grant #2000289

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