The semiconductor perovskite CsPbBr2I was doped with Mn2+ to modulate its optical and photovoltaic performance. The Mn2+-doped CsPb0.9Mn0.1Br2I exhibited improved crystalline quality. Ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy of Mn2+-doped CsPb0.9Mn0.1Br2I revealed enhanced absorption capacity. Although the efficiency was not as good as desired, the enhanced light absorption of CsPb0.9Mn0.1Br2I still boosted the photovoltaic performance when it was utilized as a light absorber in perovskite solar cells, along with a low-cost carbon electrode. Compared with its counterpart CsPbBr2I, the doped CsPb0.9Mn0.1Br2I based solar cells demonstrated long-term air stability. Not only long-lasting stability was achieved by doping with Mn2+, the toxicity was also lessened by replacing the amount of hazardous lead in perovskite with harmless manganese.


Acknowledgments: this work was supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) (Grant No.1700339) There is no conflict of interest to declare.