The health of the oral cavity and the oral microbiome are vital to an individual’s overall health. With the growing popularity of e-cigarette use, also known as vaping, it is reasonable to explore the effects of this habit on oral health. Due to the effects of chemicals known to be harmful and to the ingredients whose effects are still unknown, an individual who uses vaping liquid either occasionally, or consistently, is potentially putting their oral health at great risk. This research aims to explore the potential effects of vaping on the health, appearance, and structural integrity of the teeth. The structure and function of the human teeth rely heavily on the state of the oral microbiota and the durability of tooth enamel. Due to the lack of regulation of ingredients found in vaping liquid and the lack of long term results due to the recent rise in the use of vaping, its effects on oral health are largely unknown. This is mainly due to the lack of regulation of ingredients in vaping liquid and the inability to gather long term results. As previously published studies conducted with smoking conventional cigarettes have shown the harmful effects of inhaling traditional cigarettes, it would be advantageous to conduct similar long-term studies on the use of vaping liquids. The possibility of long term negative effects of vaping on both the structural integrity of the teeth and the overall health of the oral cavity cannot be ignored. In this study we measured the change in mass of human teeth and the change in color, over a period of weeks of exposure to vaping liquid. The preliminary results of this ongoing study indicate that exposure to these liquids result in a loss of up to 5.04% of mass of the tooth over the course of the study. Furthermore, the results indicated that these liquids cause yellowing of the teeth.


Piedmont University

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