The objective of this project is to prepare an open-source free resource for the science major students who are taking college level Principles of Chemistry II. It is the 2nd course in a two-semester sequence covering the fundamental principles and applications of general chemistry for science majors. This eBook is created from Open Educational Resources (OER) and original materials. It is free, digital and focused on students’ success at Perimeter College. PowerPoint Presentations for each chapter with accessible, interactive Playposit quizzes and multiple choice interactive practice quizzes are created by the team. Concepts are explained using various simulations and walkthrough videos. This ebook pays special attention to areas where students need extra help, such as challenging acid-base equilibria problems or abstract concepts like entropy. This project is funded by ALG (Affordable learning Georgia) and expected to end by spring 2024. Currently, standalone web version: https://gsuprincipleschemistry.org/ and LMS version of the eBook are available on the D2L (iCollege) system. Students using this ebook are assessed on nationally standardized comparable exam and complete three-survey questionnaire sets to provide feedback. This ebook was developed in Spring and summer 2023 and currently is being implemented in classroom in fall 2023. So far positive responses have been obtained from students. Survey Results show most students are determined to succeed, no major issues with eBook usage or studying it. BENEFITS of this ebook include three major concerns: cost effectiveness, accessibility and LMS integration. Both LMS and Web version of the ebook contain accessible text to help with functionally diverse students and always updated. Due to the digital media technologies available to the educators, an opportunity has been created for librarians, instructional designers, and faculty to work together to build a well-crafted and pedagogically sound resources, thereby meeting a critical need in higher education.


Affordable Learning Georgia, Jeff Gallant

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